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Benefits of laminate floors

Benefits of laminate floors

Benefits | Step 1 – How to Choose | Step 2 – Design & Lifestyle | Step 3 - Other considerations

Benefits of Laminate Floors

A smart investment
Come home to a floor that suits your lifestyle. Come home to laminate.

Tough, versatile, easy to install and a breeze to maintain, contemporary laminate combines the warm natural look of wood, tile, stone or even unique patterns with a host of practical advantages.

Choosing a floor that is beautiful to look at and designed for wear is a smart investment for your home. But with a variety of laminate on the market today, how do you make a choice that’s right for you?

Understanding the unique properties of laminate, along with your needs and preferences, will help you choose a laminate floor that matches your individual style.

An affordable alternative
Love the rich look of hardwood, but not the price? Today’s laminate looks more like the real thing than ever before. It’s typically less expensive than premium hardwood, and more economical to install and maintain than other flooring options. In fact, quality laminate will retain its value over 25 years or more, making it an easy choice for budget conscious consumers.

Highly resistant to wear and tear
Designed for strength and protected by tough finishes, laminate is the most durable flooring available today. Scratch, dent, stain, spill and fade resistant, low-maintenance laminate is an ideal choice for busy family homes and high traffic areas.

And if damage does occur, minor repairs aren’t a problem. Individual boards are quickly and easily replaced, even without professional assistance.

The DIY choice
Laminate’s snap together, floating floor boards can be installed without a professional, saving handy homeowners time and money. Just follow a few simple steps and before you know it you’ll have a beautiful, finished floor. The best thing about it? You installed it yourself.

A green alternative for a healthier home
Since laminate is not made from hardwood, it doesn’t involve the harvesting of old growth forests and is often made with recycled materials. This makes it an obvious choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

And unlike carpet, laminate doesn’t release toxic substances or fibers into the air. Nor does it trap dust, dirt, pet hair or other allergens that can affect your family’s health.

Versatile enough to suit any room
Sleek and sophisticated? Warm and rustic? Cool and casual? Today’s laminate comes in so many colors, styles and textures, you’re sure to find a floor that fits. Better yet, it looks so much like the real thing, only you’ll know the difference.

Benefits | Step 1 – How to Choose | Step 2 – Design & Lifestyle | Step 3 - Other considerations

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