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Different Types of Harwood Floor Moldings


Hardwood floors are one of the best for being organic in origin and non-electromagnetic in nature. As a result, they do not attract any allergens, dust or molds. There are various kinds of moldings for the hardwood floors and what type would look best depends on the installation in question. For example, a floor that is finished and sanded on the site is not available with the actual moldings. This is true for the ¾ inches high-end installations as well, like stair parts, stair nosing etc.

Different Kinds of Trim Mouldings for Wooden Flooring

The manufacturers of prefinished flooring who handle the vertical low height hardwoods offer various types of color-coordinated trim moldings. Some of the popular trim moldings that are used for wooden floors are as follows:

  • T-Molding: This type of molding is generally used between the wood floors and the tiled surfaces and also for connecting to the existing wooden floors.
  • Flush Reducer Molding: This type of molding is used generally with the reduced vertical floor coverings like concrete or vinyl. It is used around fireplaces mainly and around fixed objects and contributes to the design aspect of the flooring.
  • Overlap Reducer Molding: This goes best with floor coverings with reduced vertical heights and floating floors. This molding is even used to transition floating floors and carpet.
  • Bi-Level Reducer Molding: This molding is used for the purpose of transitioning solid 3”-4” wooden floors to the reduced vertical heights like the ceramic tiles. It can be used even with carpeting.
  • Baby Threshold Molding: It can be used in the areas where expansion is required such as at the sliding doors.
  • Square Nose Reducer Molding: It is also used in areas where expansion is needed for sliding doors.
  • Overlap Stair Nosing Molding: It is used in the landing areas, steps and in some of the floating floors where expansion is required.
  • Flush Edge Stair Nosing Molding: This molding finds wide application for transition while placing the strip on the stairs, plank or landings.
  • Baseboard Molding: It is used where expansion is needed such as finished walls.
  • Shoe Molding: It is used against toe-kicks, baseboard and different kinds of fixed objects.
  • Quarter Round Molding: This type of molding is used against fixed objects.

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