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Options For Laminate Flooring Mouldings


Options For Laminate Flooring Mouldings

Have you ever touched a photo frame? The purpose of a frame is to not only beautify the photo that it is showcasing but also to prevent the photo from getting dirtied and damaged while simultaneously protecting the user’s hands. It covers the gap between the mat and the photo to ensure that the photo does not get damaged in any way. A transition moulding is analogous to a photo frame. It not only helps to beautify the laminate flooring but also helps to preserve its structural integrity.

Purpose Of Transition Mouldings

  • 1.It helps in the transition from one surface to another smoothly so as not to leave unsightly and dangerous gaps between the surfaces.
  • 2.When the flooring does not transition smoothly, it is also a safety hazard as just about anyone can trip on them.
  • 3.Expansion gaps are a necessity for laminate floors to help in their natural expansion and contraction due to seasonal variations. Transition mouldings help to hide these gaps so as to create a more visually appealing look.

Types Of Mouldings For Laminate Flooring

The right type of moulding can do wonders to your interiors. The perfect moulding for your laminate flooring would create a better sense of harmony in the interiors of your home.

  • 1.Reducer Mouldings: This type of moulding is used in the transition of one floor space to another when the surfaces are at different levels. For example, it can be used in the situation when you want a smooth transition from the laminate surface of one room to the tile flooring in the other.
  • 2.T-Mouldings: This type of moulding is useful for flooring surfaces at similar levels. They can be used to tie the two sections together when a laminate floor is installed in a long room.
  • 3.Baseboard Mouldings: This type of moulding is used to create a smooth transiting from a horizontal surface to a vertical one. Hence, it is especially handy when you want to create a smooth transition from the laminate flooring of the room to the wall. In order to create a subliminal effect, you can consider having it in the same color as the floor or have it in the color to match the walls.
  • 4.Stairnose Mouldings: This type of moulding is great for creating a smooth transition from the floor to the edge of the stairs. Since it sits at the same level as the laminate flooring on one side while holding tightly onto the first stair on the other side, it creates a whole and beautifying effect.
  • 5.End Mouldings: This is very similar to T-mouldings; the only difference is that they are great for uneven surfaces like thick tiles and carpets.

You can contact the Nucasa Milling Company for all your moulding needs. They have a large variety of mouldings to choose from and provide extensive solutions for mouldings and floorings. You are assured a guaranteed beautification of your home with their expertise. 


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