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The Most Popular Flooring Trends of 2017 That Will Rule in 2018 As Well


Home décor styling keeps changing just like fashion. New technologies and styles come up almost every year. Similarly, flooring trends have also become more practical and comfort-oriented these days. People prefer functional and durable designs that are easy to maintain. Flooring constitutes the foundation of your home and thus needs quite a thoughtful selection. So, if you are planning to update your home décor then this flooring guide can be of immense help to you. Be it laminate flooring, tile, cork or any other material or finish you choose, each one has its own pros and cons. Below-listed trends and style of flooring can add more value to your property. They are sure to rule the coming year too.

Hardwood Flooring:

This flooring gets preferred owing to its characteristics. It is authentic, beautiful and timeless. It adds that organic feel in your house and is always in fashion. Along with the warm look, you can also maintain the flooring quite easily. The neutral base of the hardwood flooring offers you the flexibility of choosing the color of your furniture, paint or any other decorative item. Moreover, you can change the color of the floor over the time by refinishing and sanding.

Vinyl Plank:

This one is a new segment that has come up in floor trends. They almost look like hardwood and are waterproof. This engineered flooring is best for your bathrooms, kitchens, basements or any other place which is moisture prone. This option is quite less expensive than hardwood. It is also a practical solution for those having concrete sub-floor. You have a lovely color range in this category like coast oak, smoked deep oak, light reds and much more.


This type is also rising these days. They are soft on your feet and also have insulating and acoustic properties. This variety has various styles and colors available. It is also environmentally safe.

Porcelain Planks:

The most stylish and popular option in tile flooring is the porcelain plank. The looks are quite chic and they are available in popular colors like gray, white and dark washes. They look like wood and thus people prefer this variety for their kitchens powder rooms and entryways.


The new shabby chic farmhouse look is in trends this year. Many homeowners are embracing this old charming style. This means that the finishes are mute and natural, planks are wide, and the looks are distressed. Celebrate natural home décor with this type of engineered flooring.

So, these are some the top floor trends that you can try out this year. The color variations available are also huge. Cooler tones are getting more preferred than the warmer tones these days. Nucasa Milling Company offers the world’s finest finishing products for your interiors. We are the manufacturer, wholesaler, importer and retailer of these items. You are sure to get an affordable quality of flooring and molding from our end. Having an industry experience of almost 10 years, each of our staff delivers you the best services. 


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