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Design and lifestyle cork floors

Design and lifestyle cork floors

Benefits | Step 1 – How to Choose | Step 2 – Design & Lifestyle | Step 3 - Other considerations

Step 2 – Design and Lifestyle when choosing cork floors

When choosing a floor, consider the room and how it is used. Think about style, colour and finish. How will each aspect of the material you choose affect the look and feel of the room? Be sure that your expectations for performance match your selection.

The room and your lifestyle
Type of room

What kind of room are you decorating? Flooring in a kitchen may necessitate a different finish or colour than a bedroom or a formal dining room. Consider whether the room opens up to the outside and if dirty shoes will track through it. Think too about what type of transition you’ll have between your new and old floors and adjoining rooms.
Though cork is naturally moisture repellant and will hold up well in most rooms in a home, it is not designed for heavily wet areas like bathrooms or laundry rooms. Kitchens are well suited for cork as long the floor is properly installed, seams and joints are carefully sealed an added coat of finish is applied and the floor is kept free from standing water.

Cork is also ideal for many commercial applications, especially retail stores, dance studios and hair salons, as it is warm underfoot and very sound resistant.

In general, cork is a durable, resilient, non-slip material with memory. It withstands foot traffic, pet claws and the pressure of furniture legs, returning to its original shape after impact. That said, the density, thickness and finish of your cork floor will determine how well it stands up to heavy use. Before you choose your cork floor, think about how the room will be used and what kinds of activities will take place there.

Room aesthetics
The size of the room, sight lines to the rest of the home, and flow between rooms can all influence the floor you choose. Consider the lighting in the room and how the placement of windows, skylights and indoor lighting affect the look and colour of your floors.

Cork’s natural colour variations will change as it is exposed to light. This will affect how your cork floor appears over time. This also makes it susceptible to fading if not properly protected from too much direct sunlight.

What is motivating your search for new floors? Is it a practical need for a new floor, a desire for a new look, for allergies, sound-proofing between rooms or floors, or thermal insulation? Or are you looking to increase the value of your property for resale? Your motivations will drive the type of floor you choose.

The ‘look’ of the floor
Style and pattern

Cork floors can reflect a wide variety of personal styles, including modern, classic, traditional, sleek, rustic, sophisticated or casual. The style and appearance of your floor will generally depend on the pattern of the surface, so it’s a good idea to test a few sample patterns in your room before making a buying decision.

Once available in a limited number of patterns and colours, modern cork flooring has exploded with variety thanks to new digital printing technology. Today’s advanced processing techniques enhance the ‘look’ of the product allowing for the introduction of a wide range of new styles including Haro Arteo Oak and Arteo Stripes. The Arteo wood series combines the best of both worlds, offering the warmth and feel of cork combined with the deceptively authentic look of hardwood.

Cork comes in a wide range of colours and tones, which can have a big influence on the appearance of your floor. When choosing colour, think about the features in your room and whether you’re looking to accent or contrast other colours in the room. The lighting in the room will also influence the colour so be sure to look at a sample in the room where you’re planning to install the floors.

And remember that cork floors last a very long time, longer than many home fashion trends, so choose your look for longevity.

Benefits | Step 1 – How to Choose | Step 2 – Design & Lifestyle | Step 3 - Other considerations


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