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Design & lifestyle laminate floor

Design & lifestyle laminate floor

Benefits | Step 1 – How to Choose | Step 2 – Design & Lifestyle | Step 3 - Other considerations

Step 2 – Design and Lifestyle influences for laminate floors

When choosing and installing your laminate floor, consider the room and how it is used. Think about style, colour and finish. How will each aspect of the material you choose affect the look and feel of the room? Be sure that your expectations for performance match your selection.

The room and your lifestyle
Type of room

Think about the room you are decorating and your needs for the space. What kind of feel do you want to create in the room? Do you want to open up the space or make it appear cozy? Think too about the type of transition you’ll have between your new and old floors and adjoining rooms.

Laminate flooring transitions easily and is suitable for almost any room in the house. It is commonly installed in entryways, living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Though laminate is highly resistant to surface dampness and spills, it is not recommended for use in consistently wet areas such as bathrooms or laundry rooms, as too much moisture can affect the product’s core layer, decreasing performance.
Laminate is also ideal for all kinds of commercial applications, including heavy traffic areas such as retail stores, offices and hotels.

Think about how the room will be used and what kinds of activities will take place there.

Laminate floors are highly durable and very well suited to busy family homes and areas that are regularly used by children and pets. That said, the grade and AC rating of your laminate will determine how well it stands up to heavy use.

Room aesthetics
The size of the room, sight lines to the rest of the home and flow between rooms can all influence the floor you choose. Consider the lighting in the room and how the placement of windows, skylights and indoor lighting affect the look and colour of your floors.

Finally, keep in mind the furniture in the room – is it light or dark? How do you want your floor to offset your furniture?

Laminate comes in as many colors and shades as there are species of hardwood and other natural materials, so you’re sure to find a style to suit your space.

What is motivating your search for new floors? Is it a practical need for a hard wearing floor, a desire for a new look, for allergies or health concerns? Or are you looking for an economical flooring option? Your motivations will drive the type of floor you choose.

The ‘look’ of the floor
Species and colour

Like hardwood, laminate floors can reflect a wide variety of personal styles, including modern, classic, traditional, sleek, rustic, sophisticated or casual. Because today’s laminate so closely resembles hardwood, the design impact of the species and colour you choose remains the same. The advantage to laminate is that you can choose to mimic any species of wood – color, tone and texture - without concern for the limitations of the species.

Surface details
As new technology allows laminate manufacturers to innovate, artisan detailing designed to simulate a more realistic product has become possible.

Brushed Replicates the soft brushed appearance obtained incidentally over the course of time from cleaning with a scrubbing brush
Hand-scraped Ridges and grooves created by a planning tool
Hand-distressed Dents created by hand to give the floor a worn and older look

The style and appearance of your floors depends in part on the features you choose in a laminate. Board width, length and edge detailing need to be considered.

Just like hardwood, laminate boards are available in a variety of widths and lengths, with a range of edge details. This offers consumers an array of options to create different looks.

Choose wide, natural planks with square edges for a seamless open look. Choose narrow, smooth, beveled edge planks to define boards, lengthen a room and offer an elegant natural appearance.

And remember that laminate floors last a very long time, longer than many home fashion trends, so choose your look for longevity.

Benefits | Step 1 – How to Choose | Step 2 – Design & Lifestyle | Step 3 - Other considerations


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