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Other considerations Laminate Floor

Other considerations Laminate Floor

Benefits | Step 1 – How to Choose | Step 2 – Design & Lifestyle | Step 3 - Other considerations

Step 3 - Other considerations when buying a laminate floor

Price and affordability
A laminate floor can be an economical, low maintenance investment for your home, especially if you have kids or pets and wish to install your floor yourself. Affordable, easy to install laminate can quickly change the look of a room to suit changing styles without breaking your budget.

But quality does vary, along with price. So, choose your floor with care. Look for superior product engineering, high-resolution image reproductions, edge treatment of the core layer and appropriate wear ratings, and buy the best quality laminate you can afford. A quality laminate can last 25 years or more, making it a long-term investment for your home.

That said, though beautiful, tough and long lasting, a laminate floor will not add as much perceived value to your home as hardwood. If your motivations are resale, consider your options thoroughly.

Laminate floors typically come with a 15-30 year warranty for structure and finish. Check the length of each warranty, instructions and recommendations, as well as exclusions. Generally, warranties do not cover materials damaged in transit, improper installation, exposure to excessive heat or moisture outside tolerances specified by the manufacturer, direct or indirect misuse and improper maintenance, reinstallations and repairs and normal variance in the product.

Make sure you keep all sales receipts and contractors invoices and note all shipping damages at time of arrival. Contact your seller as soon as possible with product defects.

What to expect
Your laminate floor has been manufactured as a floating floor, eliminating the need to prepare your subfloor, provided it is clean, dry and level. But be sure to install an appropriate underlay such as the Floor Muffler on top of your subfloor, or your laminate floor will sound hollow underfoot.
Laminate also can’t be refinished like a real wood floor, and though it is incredibly durable, it is still susceptible to damage. Therefore, proper surface care is important to minimize scratches from grit build up. Dust mop regularly and always use mats at outdoor entrances to minimize dirt and moisture.

You may notice gaps occurring at various times along the perimeter of your floor. This is because, as a floating floor, the boards will move with the changing humidity in the room. These fluctuations are normal and do not affect the life of the floor.

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining your laminate floor is easy. Regularly dust mop or vacuum with a soft brush to keep the floor free of dust and grit. Damp mop with a mild cleanser and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Never soak your floor or use citrus oils, scouring powder or steel wool to scrub away marks. Quickly wipe up spills to avoid seepage into the product core.
• Dust mop or vacuum with a soft brush frequently to remove dust and grit
• Damp mop with an environmentally-friendly cleaner such as Nucasa’s Floor Cleaner
• Clean up spills immediately
• Keep pet water bowls away from the surface of the floor
• Use felt pad protectors under furniture
• Rearrange furniture periodically to resist indentation
• Repair minor scratches with laminate floor repair paste
• Use doormats at entryways to catch excessive wetness and abrasive dirt
• Use only colorfast rugs to avoid color transfer
• Keep some extra boards in storage to replace single boards if they become very damaged
• Follow manufacturer care guides; download Haro Tritty’s care guide to learn more
• Use mop and shine products, polish or wax your floor
• Walk on your floors in stiletto heels or athletic shoes with metal cleats
• Slide furniture or appliances across your floor or use pointed objects against the surface
• Clean your floors with harsh chemicals or abrasive pads
• Sand or lacquer the surface


Moulding accessories add that finishing touch to anchor a floor in a room and provide a smooth transition between flooring, levels and rooms.
We stock a large selection of mouldings for a variety of purposes including transitioning to surfaces of different heights or different materials, from floor to wall, to cover expansion gaps or to trim the edges of staircases. Choose the moulding that’s right for it’s purpose and you can’t go wrong. Learn more about moulding and browse our floor accessory products.

Benefits | Step 1 – How to Choose | Step 2 – Design & Lifestyle | Step 3 - Other considerations


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